What Tiffany & Co. Learned About Mobile From Watching Its Competitors

An icon like Tiffany & Co., the final word in luxury goods for 180 years and counting, might not seem to need business pointers from anyone. But it turns out that when it comes to mobile, at least, the famous brand has learned a great deal in recent years—in part from watching its competitors.

How to Create a Successful Limited-Time Offer

For more than 30 years, there has been a much anticipated product on the McDonald's menu: The McRib. This grandfather of limited-time offers has been offered sporadically around the country on a local or regional basis. McRib lovers are such a rabid bunch that they created a website to help one another find the sandwich in McDonald's locations.

16 Social Media Tips from World-Class Marketing Pros

The difficult thing about social media is that it is ever-changing. What works today as a best practice, doesn’t tomorrow and the platform that is all the rage this afternoon is suddenly less important to your demographic over the weekend. We’ve seen it with Instagram’s massive growing following and MySpace’s diminishing one.

The Most Successful LinkedIn Headlines and Topics of 2016

I was idly running some searches on BuzzSumo last week when I noticed some patterns for LinkedIn content. I decided to explore it a little further by analysing the most successful headlines and topics. I have shared my findings in case they are of interest when developing your LinkedIn content strategy.

8 Marketing Project Management Software Must Haves

On the surface, marketing management seems like every day, common sense project management. After all, it’s just creating a lot of copy and pretty pictures right? However, every aspiring marketing manager quickly discovers that marketing project management doesn’t follow the same rules as traditional project management. Marketing projects come in a bewildering variety from weekly blog posts to global product launches. Small marketing projects require extreme agility. Big bang marketing projects require detailed tracking and cross-functional coordination. Social media marketing and public relations are essentially sales. And, high volume marketing production is more like a manufacturing process than a project.

Customer loyalty programs make for a marketer’s secret weapon

Almost every company has a customer loyalty program. If you want your marketing scheme to be successful, you'll start one too.

If you look around at the leading companies and brands in your industry, you’ll notice that just about every one has some sort of customer loyalty program in place. This isn’t a coincidence. If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, you need to have one as well.