Tweets Officially Hit Google Desktop Search Results, Giving Brands Another Way In

Feature is now available for all English language users globally. Tweets from brands with active Twitter accounts are showing up in a carousel unit.

Twitter’s place in Google’s desktop search is now official. After about a month of testing, Google announced the news today, appropriately, with a tweet that Twitter quickly answered:

Bizible Adds Offline Events To B2B Sales Attribution Platform

Offline events, conferences and more can be tracked and modeled along with online activities to understand sales impact from all channels.

Bizible is hoping to solve the now age-old problem B2B marketers have in understanding how event attendance and digital marketing work together to generate sales.

The 3 Simple Steps That Saved Ford

IN 2006, FORD MOTOR COMPANY was in a dreadful shape. Its stock price had fallen 50% in just two years and the company was on its way to losing $17 billion that year. Fortunately, the CEO, William Clay 'Bill' Ford realised his inability to turn things around and hired Alan Mulally who had spent over thirty years working for Boeing in the commercial aviation area. Analysts scratched their heads; how was a non-car guy ever going to save Ford?

Top content marketing trends through 2015

1. Marketing will become people-focused

In 2015, marketers will gain a deeper understanding of their brand’s audience — going beyond traditional demographics and segmentation to focus on individual people’s interests and preferences. 2015 will be all about creating and delivering the right content, for the right person, at the right time, every time.

2. Big brands will focus intently on content governance

Disguise the Prize

In the perilous days of antiquity, palace sentries greeted approaching strangers with a sternly uttered, “Halt! Who goes there?” In today’s hypercompetitive business world, the sentry is more likely to be a vigilant secretary who politely inquires, “May I ask who’s calling?” Modern manners aside, a contemporary defender like the executive assistant is as ferociously territorial as his or her ancient counterparts.